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Best Of Noa's Long-Form Articles - Episode #4

The lawsuit of the century; A Mar-a-Lago weekend; Mario Draghi's legacy; Air pollution in London; & more. Here are some of our must-listen, long-form articles.

3 July27 minute listen

Sun, Sand, and the $1.5 Trillion Offshore Economy

Bloomberg Businessweek

19 Mar18 minute listen

A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump’s History With Deutsche Bank

The New York Times

4 Sept38 minute listen

Is One of the World’s Biggest Lawsuits Built on a Sham?

Bloomberg Businessweek

Dec 201828 minute listen

3 Words and $3 Trillion: The Inside Story of How Mario Draghi Saved the Euro


8 Oct15 minute listen

The Scandal of London’s Air

Bloomberg Businessweek