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Best Of Noa's Long-Form Articles - Episode #3

The murder trial of a 14-year old; Boeing's corner-cutting for the 737 Max; WeWork's party culture; & more. Here are some of our must-listen, long-form articles.

2 Nov20 minute listen

‘My 14-year-old brother Peter is lying on the ground’

The Irish Times

3 June21 minute listen

Former Boeing Engineers Say Cost-Cutting Focus Sacrificed Safety

Bloomberg Businessweek

20 June111 minute listen

Ana Kriegel murder trial: The complete story

The Irish Times

Nov 201817 minute listen

The Poker Aces Playing a Key Hand in the $5 Trillion ETF Market - The Story of SIG


July 201820 minute listen

Inside Google's Shadow Workforce of Contract Laborers


29 Sept28 minute listen

Sex, tequila, and a tiger: Employees inside Adam Neumann's WeWork reveal the nonstop party

Business Insider