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2019 in Review: The Year's Biggest Protests

2019 was the year the people found their voice. From South America to the Middle East, protests emerged all over the world. Can we learn from these uprisings?

Dec 20191 minute listen

Series Intro: 2019 in Review - The Year's Biggest Protests


June 20198 minute listen

The rule of law in Hong Kong

The Economist


Oct 20196 minute listen

John Authers: Chile's Violence Has a Worrisome Message for the World


Dec 20196 minute listen

Editorial: Modi Makes His Bigotry Even Clearer

The New York Times

Nov 20195 minute listen

The FT View: Iran’s deepening malaise laid bare by protests

The Financial Times


Apr 20196 minute listen

Klina Jordan: Our political system has left climate activists no choice

The Independent

Nov 20198 minute listen

Ishaan Tharoor: The crisis in Bolivia fits no easy political narrative

The Washington Post

Oct 20198 minute listen

Leonid Bershidsky: Catalans' Harsh Sentences Are Un-European


May 20199 minute listen

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Steps Up Pressure, but Maduro Holds On

The New York Times

Oct 20197 minute listen

Samah Hadid: Protests in Lebanon have bridged divides – everyone is fighting the corrupt elite

The Independent