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Will Iranian Retaliation Spark a War with the US?

The world waits anxiously to see how Iran will respond to the US assassination of its most prominent military general. Retaliation could spark a global conflict.

7 Jan< 1 minute listen

Series Intro: Will Iran Retaliate and Spark a War with the US?


3 Jan10 minute listen

Will Iran’s Response to the Soleimani Strike Lead to War?

Foreign Affairs

3 Jan6 minute listen

War With Iran Is Not Inevitable | Hussein Ibish


3 Jan9 minute listen

How the Soleimani assassination could lead to a new deal with Iran

The Washington Post

5 Jan8 minute listen

As important as Soleimani was, Iran’s Quds Force will not fall apart | Bel Trew

The Independent

5 Jan5 minute listen

Will Oil Become a Weapon of Choice for Iran? | Julian Lee


8 Jan6 minute listen

Iran Won’t Be Satisfied by Iraq Missile Attacks | Bobby Ghosh


8 Jan5 minute listen

Iran will make huge political gains, if it doesn't overplay its hand | Patrick Cockburn

The Independent

8 Jan5 minute listen

Trump Doesn’t Want War With Iran | Eli Lake


11 Jan6 minute listen

The airliner shoot-down is a make-or-break moment for Iran’s regime | Jason Rezaian

The Washington Post