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What to Expect From the UK's Xmas 'Brexit' Election

Having failed to deliver Brexit, Parliament is asking the nation to reconsider who should make the key decisions that will define the UK for decades to come.

30 Oct1 minute listen

Series Intro: What to Expect From the UK's Xmas 'Brexit' Election


28 Oct4 minute listen

Hugo Dixon: Even with a three-month Brexit extension, we still face a no-deal Brexit.

The Independent

21 Oct6 minute listen

Olesya Dmitracova: Inequality poisons democracies, leaves us ill-prepared for coming election

The Independent

28 Oct7 minute listen

Tom Stevenson: What will a general election mean for markets?

The Telegraph

29 Oct8 minute listen

Which party benefits from a December election?

The Telegraph

31 Oct7 minute listen

Giles Wilkes: London is the magic word if Liberal Democrats are to rise from the grave

Evening Standard

1 Nov11 minute listen

The Big Read: UK politics - Boris Johnson’s Brexit election gamble

The Financial Times