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Is Data Predicting Trump's Re-Election?

When Trump beat Clinton in 2016 it led many to question the validity of polling as a method of prediction. Could data give us a better glimpse of the future?

Oct 2019< 1 minute listen

Series Intro: Is Data Predicting Trump's Re-Election?


Oct 20195 minute listen

Finance 202: Economists project Trump will win easily in 2020 - and by a bigger margin

The Washington Post

Oct 20195 minute listen

Tyler Cowen: Would You Bet Against Trump in 2020?


Oct 20196 minute listen

Trump’s Real Opponent Isn’t Biden or Warren, But a Recession Risk

Bloomberg Businessweek

Nov 201910 minute listen

Proinsias O'Mahony: Stock market gains could help Trump secure re-election

The Irish Times

Oct 2019< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Predicting the 2020 US Election