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Can Billionaire Michael Bloomberg beat Trump?

What's the best way to beat Trump? Democrats think moving the party left is the answer, but could it take another, much richer billionaire to beat the President?

20 Nov1 minute listen

Series Intro: Can Billionaire Michael Bloomberg beat Trump?


Nov 20189 minute listen

Is vocal Trump critic Michael Bloomberg set to run for President?

Evening Standard

9 Nov6 minute listen

Bloomberg's greatest strength is to annoy Trump | Karen Tumulty

The Washington Post

13 Nov6 minute listen

Josh Rogin: Mike Bloomberg's China record shows why he can't be president

The Washington Post

20 Nov9 minute listen

The UpShot: As Bloomberg’s New York Prospered, Inequality Flourished Too

The New York Times

20 Nov< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Can Bloomberg be President?