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Best Of Noa's Long-Form Articles - Episode #10

The rise of The Athletic; A banking scandal that led to convictions; Tencent's plans in Hollywood; Pakistan's popular president; & more. Listen to our best, long-form articles.

Aug 201917 minute listen

The Sports News Site Haters Love to Dunk on Keeps Signing Up Subscribers

Bloomberg Businessweek

Oct 201925 minute listen

Why Are We Here?

Harvard Business Review


Sept 201921 minute listen

Tencent: the Chinese tech giant snapping up chunks of Hollywood. But what exactly does it want?

The Telegraph

Jan 201920 minute listen

Why Imran Khan is unlikely to make life much better for Pakistanis

The Economist


Mar 201919 minute listen

The Big Read: Lloyds - how HBOS whistleblower exposed failings in UK regulation

The Financial Times