About NOA

The widespread problems facing the publishing industry became the focal point of conversation among the founding partners of NOA in early 2015. Engagement with quality journalism was on the decline among younger demographics and no clear solution was on the horizon.

NOA sought to address this issue by developing a totally new way for people to love journalism.

For the first time ever the busy, time-constrained individual will be able to enjoy the day’s top journalistic stories without compromise, while the curious millennial will finally have a trustworthy digital source to provide them with all of the must-know happenings in three simple steps; Select a publisher, Choose an article, Begin Listening.

NOA is for those who take the car, the bike, or the train. For those who cook, exercise, or clean – and are generally on the go. While other digital media platforms focus on providing you with the latest news as it happens, NOA makes it easier than ever for you to engage with the full story behind the headline.